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Current Inspirations

I'm happy to say that I find inspirations all around me. They don't necessarily have anything directly to do with my work. However, there's something about them that makes me think and acts as a catalyst for my own creative thinking.

John Paul Lederach

When it comes to exploring ideas about peace, John Paul Lederach is easily my favourite writer and speaker. Rather than bombarding the read with academic jargon and inaccessible writing, he presents his hugely relevant, effective and valuable ideas in ways that make sense. His book 'The Moral Imagination - The Art and Soul of Building Peace' is something I return to regularly.

Here's an interview with him by Krista Tippett on her show '
On Being'.

Ian Clayton

Ian Clayton is a fabulous writer and storyteller whose work exploring the role of music, stories and community reminds me of what really matters in life.


Andy Kershaw

Andy Kershaw has been described as the "greatest living English-language broadcaster". I have to agree with that. He has spent his career sharing music he loves and observations from some of the world's hotspots. I love his work, enthusiasm and value his insights immensely.

Check out his work here:


Hugh MacLeod - Gaping Void

Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist, writer and blogger. I've loved his work for almost a decade. He's made me laugh, ponder, challenge old perceptions and reflect in exciting new ways about creativity. Fabulous stuff!


Stuart Brown

Dr Stuart Brown is the founder of the wonderfully named National Institute for Play and his ideas about the importance of playfulness and creativity are ones which really resonated with me. It's an area that I find truly fascinating. His book 'Play - How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul' is a superb read.



John O'Donohue

It's hard to know where to begin when talking about John O'Donohue. This Irish poet, writer and mystic speaks to me on levels I didn't know existed until he awakened them. In a two minute section of one of his talks he could offer you six sentences, around each of which you could easily base an evenings conversation.



Giuseppe Lambertino

Giuseppe is a photographer from Bradford, UK, with whom I have been close friends since we were four years old. I love how he can show me a familiar view from a totally different perspective and encourage me to look at things in new ways.